Acceptable use rules

Confirmed's goal is to improve security & privacy for all users in the world. We believe people have a fundamental right to privacy & their data. 

However, with every product that promotes privacy, there is also the potential for bad actors. We do not believe they help the community and we must take a stand to protect other users of our service and the world. It is up to the user to comply with local laws & regulations and use the service legally.

As outlined in our Terms of Use, there are cases where we may prevent you from using the service. We use a set of rules that are publicly available and maintained by an open source security community ( to detect & ban malicious traffic. This includes attempts to use credit cards fraudulently, hack severs, violate intellectual property, and other similar violations.

We do this to ensure our service can continue running safely & legally, prevent bad actors from abusing others in the world, and protect the experience of users on our Service

If you have any questions, please e-mail our team and we will provide any additional information you request.

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