Confirmed referral program

At Confirmed, we don't want to participate in traditional advertising that often invades peoples privacy. So, we developed a referral program for users to directly recommend the app to their friends. We believe this program is more reflective of our values, and incentivizes people to suggest products they actually enjoy.

How It Works

If you sign up with a referral code, you will receive 10% off your subscription forever. Furthermore, for each person you refer to Confirmed, you will get an additional 10% off as long as they are signed up.

This means that you can use Confirmed for free if you recommend 10 people!

Why We Set This Up

We believe privacy is not talked about enough. With a referral program, we can encourage grass roots conversations about improving transparency in companies as well as promoting products that protect an individual's right to privacy. Instead of paying advertising companies to promote this message, we want to pass that benefit along to individuals. We also believe it makes more sense to have our users talk to their community directly about their experience than to hear it from a third party. 

We hope this program improves the discussion around privacy on the web, and that our users can benefit from having their friends use the same trustworthy product. 

If you have any questions, please e-mail our team below.

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