How to block ads & tracking scripts

Advertisements have become more invasive than ever. Companies often collect data without your consent and display ads that follow you around the web. 

Although advertisements are disturbing and scary, it's even worse that you don't know who or what entity owns that tracking data. This is why we built the Confirmed Blocker.

How it works

We built a Content Blocker, which will automatically detect invasive tracking scripts and ads, and simply block them from being rendered. This has several important effects:

1) Websites load faster - Without the bloated & invasive code, the entire web can become much more responsive.

2) Websites look better - No more full-page ads over your content, providing you a much better experience on the web.

3) Your data is safe with you We process all of this on your phone locally. We never have any access to your browsing history or Internet traffic, and now neither does everyone else.

How to set it up

Confirmed VPN comes free with a Content Blocker. Simply open the app and go to Settings to enable the feature. It is also suggested in the onboarding when you first install the app. If you have any issues setting it up, please contact us and we will help you set it up.

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