What makes Confirmed VPN different?

Though there are plenty of VPN products out there, it's difficult to be sure of which one you can trust. Though a VPN should be designed to protect you, many have been revealed to collect and sell your data, such as Facebook's Onavo VPN, and many others

And for the rest, you still can't be sure which to trust. This TechCrunch guide specifically tells users they have to blindly trust VPNs and it cannot honestly tell you which VPN is best, but rather only tell it's readers not to use a free one as their business model is built around profiting from your data.

So why Confirmed?

Confirmed VPN is different: our Privacy Policy explicitly and legally prohibits us from logging your data or IP address. We do not store any browsing information about you on our servers, and your e-mail and password is encrypted and impossible for us to access. 

Openly Operated

Today, companies are trying to get their greedy little hands on your personal data any way they can, so users have to be picky about what apps they use. But users have no way of knowing if an app can be trusted - after all, Privacy Policies can be copy pasted or be outright lies, especially for companies that are headquartered offshore, outside of any consumer protection laws. Because apps today are black boxes, using a typical VPN or app might expose your data to many third parties:ormally, a service is a black box with no transparency into what they do.

Trust Through Transparency

Openly Operated™ companies have to not only open source all code, but also open up all operational aspects of their service. This includes everything from the network configuration to database setup, leaving no room for the service to hide software that might be selling your data to third parties, or improperly protecting data from company employees and other threats. See the difference below:

If you would like to know more about how Openly Operated works. click here to get a more detailed description and explanation of why every company should be Openly Operated.

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